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Yoga with Leia

With comprehensive studies in the dharma with the beautiful Michael Stone and years of practice as a yoga therapist plus MSc studies in mindfulness and neuroscience from Kings College London, Leia could be mistaken as the sort of professor ready to peer up at you from behind a stack of papers and lecture sternly. But anyone who's been to Leia’s Yogaplay class will tell you that, though the learning is profound and the work hard, it is always fun.


Yoga Play - (is it play or is it Pilates, Love And Yoga)

yoga play

Leia doesn‘t teach so much as imbue her students with understanding. One student described their new-found progress as "a little bit like magic". Leia believes it’s not so much by talking about the practice but being within it with the right energy that we make most progress. 

Find a mix of yoga, pilates and loads of love..


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Yoga Therapy


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